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27 Feb

Project LOVE

Love takes time, it takes commitment and compromise. It’s not always easy, but when it’ right it’s amazing.  It is often described as a force to get you though the day and purpose for living. Right now you’re probably associating love with romance or at least another person. But how often do you say LOVE and think of you, and you alone?

Often the first thought that pops into our head is the fear of being forever alone, or the thought of a certain someone. Many people give a lot of love to others and associate it with another person, and although self- love has recently become a common topic, it is not something that always comes naturally. Often, learning to love and accept ourselves is the most difficult type of LOVE to embrace.
Project Love grew when I decided I didn’t need reassurance from others. I became exhausted and trapped in a vicious cycle of looking after myself, getting ill, giving up, hating myself and starting again, and I knew I wasn’t alone. Developing a project where I had to accept myself, my decisions and what I already knew, encouraged me to look at myself in a different way. The project taught me to trust and respect myself enough to take the time each day to work out what would ground me, even on my most difficult days. I had, had enough of quick fixes, other people’s advice and fluttering from one training program to another, where I would feel little or no change.
I already knew the key to results was consistency and individuality. Anyone can diet or train short term, but not everyone can make it part of their lifestyle or a passion. People fall out of love with themselves their bodies, and forget who they really are. We often stop seeing ourselves as humans and we forget that we are more than our bodies (even though they’re pretty amazing). When it comes to training, toning, dieting or losing weight. People often fixate on a number or a way they want to look. The problem with this is you forget to praise yourself and enjoy the process, until eventually you never see any progress, you’re not happy and you beat yourself up for not meeting your own expectations.
Personally, I had done everything back to front. Trying to accept my body by training it to look a certain way. It didn’t matter if I was lean, toned, size 8 or size 12. I couldn’t strut past a mirror without throwing a negative comment at myself. It had become 2nd nature to be horrible and not notice anything positive. Granted, much of this had come from my experience with Crohns, where I genuinely felt disgusting because I was either uncomfortable or on the loo. However, I never made it easy for myself. I was throwing myself under the bus daily, never happy with what I saw and constantly resetting or restarting on a weekly basis. This had become an unhealthy routine where I was ultimately attempting to be happier. However, my focus wasn’t on how I felt about myself it was all about how I looked!

I had zero patience and confidence, so I never remained consistent.

Swapping between programs and different diets. I started to convince myself that I was completely useless and lost. This became a regular occurrence that would cripple me halfway through the week and leave me completely deflated. I always knew and was ready to do something about it but I didn’t know what. Or at least I thought I didn’t.
I designed Love to be a 4 week program. Where you put you first and stop beating yourself up for trying! I split it over the course of 4 weeks because Tony Robbins ( Great American, public speaker/motivator guru guy) suggests it takes at least 30 days for a habit to be formed. So we need at least month to form a new habit. Similarly, it has to be something you can do little and often before it becomes automatic. Love contains Three small daily tasks that you have to stick to every day for seven days at a time. This a chance for you to commit to you and trust you. It’s about staying consistent, being present and working out what is sustainable for you. Once you learn to trust you and commit to you, you will acknowledge the habits you want to keep and the ones you want to be rid of. You will start to acknowledge yourself for all that you are and not just a body. This was all I used to see when I looked in the mirror and the habit had become self- sabotaging. Love gives you a foundation to always come back to especially when you’re feeling out of sorts.
We want lifelong health, not quick fixes and guilt. Gone should be the days where we hate ourselves because we had some chocolate or because we listened to our bodies and stayed at home. This year make it about love. Train because you love you and love it, eat because you’re eating what you love and you love how you feel. Love you and all of you. Start treating yourself like you’d treat your best friend or your partner (hopefully that’s with a whole lot of loving), you are more than a body, more than what you eat and more than how you move. However, we are what we believe we are. What we say, what we do, how we feel is all an extension of us and we all want the most out of our time here. So the more time we invest in ourselves the greater chance we have at embracing love and life!



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