Personal Training

Take your training to the next level!

So you’re new to the gym and want to know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve hit a wall? Lost motivation? Or just simply need someone to support and push you through the pain and self doubt?

You can do it. Let one of the team show you how great you really are…

Training with a DUAL Personal Trainer WILL:

  • Give you the confidence to reach new levels of Strength and Fitness!
  • Teach you how to workout safely, effectively and efficiently!
  • Make fitness and training fun – it’ll be tough, but totally worth it!
  • Save you money and time in the long run – cut through the rubbish of magazines and online gurus – our team are highly qualified and experienced in what WORKS and gets you RESULTS!

If you’re ready to book – check out The Team link above to see who would best suit your needs – or if you need any recomendations, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01403 260707.

Need any more convincing? Take advantage of a complimentary 45 minute session (normally £40.00) with one of the team – get in touch HERE to get yourself booked in!




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