Be Strong. Be Fast. Be Powerful.

This is what we do really well.  If you’re looking for the right strength training kit, then we’ve got a fantastic range of plate loaded kit from Watson UK and SportArt + much more! More interested in Olympic Lifts? Click over to the right to see our racks, platforms and barbells!

So what do we have to get you those results?

  • Watson Hack Squat (plate loaded)
  • Watson 45 degree Leg Press (plate loaded)
  • Watson Leg Extension (pin loaded)
  • Watson Hyper Deluxe Hamstring/Glute (plate loaded)
  • Watson Calf Raise (plate loaded)
  • Watson Chest Press (plate loaded)
  • Watson Incline Chest Press bench with spotting stands
  • Watson Chest / Rear Delt Fly (pin loaded)
  • Watson isometric Shoulder Press (plate loaded)
  • Watson Viking Press (plate loaded)
  • Watson Lat Pull Down (plate loaded)
  • Watson Seated Row (plate loaded)
  • Watson Functional Adjustable Cable Pulley (pin loaded)
  • Watson Wide Cable Crossover (pin loaded)
  • Watson Back Extension
  • Watson Adjustable Benches x 6
  • Watson Adjustable Decline Bench
  • Watson Preacher Curl
  • SportsArt Assisted Chin / Dip (pin loaded)
  • SportsArt Low Row (pin loaded)
  • SportsArt Cable Lat Pull Down (pin loaded)
  • SportsArt Prone Hamstring Curl (pin loaded)
  • SportsArt Walk in Squat Rack
  • SportsArt Power Rack / Cage
  • Cast Iron Dumbells – 2 sets of 5kg to 30kg and 1 set from 32.5kg to 50kg


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