Olympic & Power Lifts

Ready to try something different?

Olympic and Power Lifting have become popular forms of training hitting gyms over the past few years, and here at DUAL we’re always looking to give our members the opportunity to train with the right kit for the job.  Check out the spec list below and when you’ve seen enough, come and throw some weights around!

Here’s what we’ve got

  • 4 x Watson Full Power Racks
  • 5 x Watson Olympic Lifting Platforms
  • Watson Smith Machine
  • An assortment of Watson thick grip bars
  • 20kg Olympic Lifting Barbells
  • 15kg Female Olympic Lifting Barbell
  • 15kg Short Barbell
  • 2 x Watson Trap Bars
  • 2 x Watson Yolk Barbell
  • Watson Safety Squat Barbell
  • 6 x York Power Barbells
  • EZ Curl Barbells
  • Tricep Barbell
  • 750kg of Olympic Bumper Plates
  • Over 2000kg of Iron plates


Check out the gallery to the right – see the actual kit we have here at DUAL Strength + Fitness >>>>

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