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26 Nov

Christmas cheer or Christmas fear…?

The adverts are out, the music is on the radio and the coffee shops are full off Christmas brews. I personally love this time of year, I love the lights, the music, the food and the idea of coming together, that usually ends badly (But it’s always worth a try). However, I think it is important not to gloss over the loneliness that many of us can feel and the battles many face as it gets closer to the day.

This week a lovely friend of mine, reminded me that for some people there is no where to  be Christmas day, or maybe somewhere they don’t want to be. Some people will be physically alone this year. However, others will feel a different kind of loneliness whilst they sit around a room of crowded people.

 The loneliness I’m talking about relates to the anxiety that can build up around food and exercise at a time where we should be able to switch off and enjoy ourselves. Instead Christmas can trigger unpleasant thoughts and feelings. I wanted to spread the word a month away from Boxing day to try and inspire you to look at the next couple of months as a part of a bigger picture. Or to spare a thought for people that may be or feel like they’re alone this Christmas.

 It is common for people who are embarking or starting their fitness journey to delay/ pause until January. So many people will write off the next month or  become cripplingly anxious about it getting in the way of their progress. Often leading to people choosing to bin off December or to beast themselves in the gym before and after the holidays. Last year for example I remember going to the gym on Christmas Eve and most people were having the same sort of conversation (shit banter) about how they were getting in their last minute gains before they were going on a Christmas bulk. i.e “I’m going to eat until I can’t move and I’ll see you in January”. Similarly, I remember sitting with Dale on boxing day and being smacked in the face with weight watchers, slimming world, detoxing teas, body wrap and gym membership adverts which just made me angry Christmas wasn’t even over and companies were already trying to make people feel guilty for overindulging.

But it does not have to be this way! I’m not saying it’s easy and you may be reading this thinking GIRL Imma enjoy Christmas I’m eating all the turkey and trimmings! Or in contrast you might be thinking whatever I’ll beast myself until Christmas day, then I’ll have a day off and won’t feel guilty about all the food I’m going to eat. Or maybe you’re already be worrying about how you’re going to track your calories or macronutrients that day!

That’s fine! The point is that your journey should never be one where you live in guilt or fear of  your food and training. It should never take you away from joy or time with people you want to be with. Ultimately, enjoying Christmas does not have to be detrimental to your health and fitness or a day for you to deprive yourself until.

My message today is to try to encourage you to refocus the way you think about yourself this Christmas. How are you going to treat yourself? Don’t be tempted to pressure yourself with new year goals, don’t bin off your health! Instead think what you can accomplish before the new year, for the new year. Embrace the season of good will, use the extra food to fuel your workouts, don’t feel guilty about what you’re eating and don’t feel like you need to wait until the new year to look after yourself. You should be doing that already 😉

And lastly, think about what you say to others who are being mindful over the holidays, don’t bully anyone because they’re making conscious decisions, or make them feel like they need another tin of Roses. Instead spread the spirit of Christmas with what it’s suppose to be about…Good will and kindness! ( That includes being kind to you and your body).

Have a lovely weekend and look after yourself.

Donna  Xx

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